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I consider myself an experienced software developer; I have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I am always interested in expanding my knowledge base and particularly keen to work on mathematical concepts and algorithms. I am currently looking for a new position, that will offer me a chance to work within the context of a culture different to the one I did all those years.


1989-1994 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
BSc Mathematics

Work Experience

01/08/2012 - today
Autocost, car-expert software.
Autocost provides insurance companies with an online suite that regulates the workflow of damage-related documents between the customers' employees and the damage-experts.
Position: Senior Software Developer for its online suite (Mysql, PHP)
  • PHP and database developer
    I am developing a great portion of the software and am responsible for the maintenance of the totality of the software.
  • Webservice developer
    I designed and developed webservices that exposed the functionality of the company's software to custom software that the company's customers (Insurance companies) have.
  • Participatory design analyst
    I am the main contact with the customers' programmers and managers on matters of interoperability and new features.
15/11/2009 - 14/02/2012
Praxis Ltd, Insurance Agency
Praxis was one of the larger (by many accounts) insurance agency in the city of Thessaloniki.
Position: Senior Software Developer for custom in-house applications (Visual C++, DAO, MSSQL)
  • Customer database applications
    I developed almost all of their in-house software, dealing with customer and financial data.
  • Web interoperability application
    I developed programs that interfaced their custom programs with the web interfaces provided by the insurance companies. Through the combination of capture techniques and sockets I managed to extract data from windows programmes that were not designed to cooperate with web applications and then I streamed them to those applications
  • Data processing
    Programs that search for specific data in the local and remote databases.
1/9/2002 - 15/11/2009
Wings Ltd, Embroidery Software (
Wings is one of the leading companies world-wide in embroidery software.
Position: Software Developer (Visual C++, DAO, Powerbuilder, VBA for Corel)
  • Geometric and algebraic algorithms
    I helped optimise algorithms for solving 4th degree equations, geometric proximity and others.
  • Inter-process communication
    Communication between the 'Drawings' program and a Corel-Draw pluggin which I also developed.
  • Translation between dialects of C++
    I happened to join the company roughly at the time that they switched from Powerbuilder to Visual Studio, so a good amount of translation was needed.
Cybernetics Ltd, Content Management
Position: Software Developer (Visual C++, DAO, MSSQL)
  • Windows resource handling methods used in multi-language document management
    Routines that generated resource files for compile, variant structure handlers e.t.c.
HYPERTECH Ltd, Content Management
Position: Software/Web applications developer (Visual C++, DAO, MSSQL)
  • COM objects
    Used by IIS to produce templated web pages and automatic form filling in document translations.
  • Commercial site enhancements using ISAPI and ASP Assisted the main web developers of the company.
4/2000 - 8/2000
Inshop S.I., e-commerce applications
Inshop was the first company to provide online airtickets in Greece
Position: Software Developer (Visual C++, DAO)
  • Sockets
    I implemented the means of communication between an airticket/hotel booking system and Sabre Central Reservation System (air-ticket) terminals.
  • Multithreading
    I created a set of programmes that enabled the sharing of the limited resources of the Sabre terminals amongst many dynamic web applications. By creating a programme that pretended to be a sabre terminal I routed multiple requests through the limited accounts the company had
1994 - 10/2000
Chthon, Software development (Turbo Pascal, Visual C++, DAO)
Chthon was a venture that I and some friends undertook and which produced the 1st Greek digital encyclopedia - a major selling success - and many other products that left their mark on the Greek software market for years.
Co-founder and Co-owner of Chthon Software development company
  • Software design, programming, database design, representative both to Greek and foreign contacts
  • Some of the products I was actively participating in were major hits in the Greek market (like "Panorama" versions 1 and 97 in Pascal and "Panorama" 98 in C++, which were awarded "Best Greek CD-ROM" from the Greek CHIP magazine in '97 and '98, "Greek Mythology" in 1998, "An Encyclopedia of Mathematics" in '99, "The great dictionary of Dimotiki" in 99, "World Atlas in 3D" in 2000, which was the first Greek program in 3D), and a lot of custom applications for companies in Thessaloniki.

01/08/1991 - 30/08/1991
Chemical Industries of Northern Greece
  • as a university student I worked during summer vacations, as an assistant to the IT team on the newly installed information system. I was offered an extension of my contract.
01/04/1989 - 30/09/1989
2002 Publications
Position: Software Developer (Turbo Pascal)
  • Design and application of customer database.
  • Translation of technical articles.


  • Programming languages: C++, GUI programming(C++, windows), SQL, PHP, Pascal
  • Mathematics: Bezier curves, geometry, calculus, matrix algebra
  • Languages: English (fluent), Greek (native)


  • Reading (Sci-fi, history, detective fiction)
  • Programming
  • Helping setup low budget PCs for underprivileged people
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